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The dynamic and vibrant Steve Carli Park lies in Santa Clara, California. This recreational area showcases the city’s diverse natural and artificial attractions. The park provides everything you need for a pleasant day with family and friends. Learn more here.

The park is named after the prominent local figure, Steve Carli, who has been a Santa Clara resident since the 1970s. A businessman and philanthropist, Carli are renowned for his community contributions. He has been actively involved in local initiatives, including creating this park. One of the most popular attractions in Steve Carli Park is its playground. Here, kids can play on various slides and swings, making it an ideal spot for families to stop by and enjoy some quality time together. Children can also climb, swing and explore the park’s rolling hills. Learn more about Machado Park in Santa Clara, CA.

Numerous picnic areas are spread throughout the grounds, providing the perfect spot for a barbecue or a romantic evening. In addition, several walking paths line the floors, offering an ideal chance to take in the views and enjoy a stroll.